Little You Little Me

These traveling noise complaints hail from the deep south …. of Saint John, New Brunswick. VERY loud melodic pop; new album, Hard To say Not Knowing out on Monopolized Records August 9th. They emphatically go to eleven.

photo credit: Nienke Izurieta


Solo, duo or with her punk band NVN, this bottle rocket continues to write incredible songs and then sings them with a voice likely to have been attained through a deal done at the crossroads.

photo credit: Nienke Izurieta


Google Sable Island Ponies; find a shot of one of them looking at you askance through a tumble of hair; meet DenMother. Beats, grooves and a big big heart, but they will probably bite you if you take liberties.

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You know that awe you feel watching a flower bloom or a spider weave it’s web? Well that’s how watching and listening to WROTE feels to me; achingly beautiful, simple and plausibly perfect. EP out December 7th on Monopolized Records.

photo credit: Nienke Izurieta

Tooth & the Fang

Sad songs presented with great joy and enthusiasm; he’d rather be alone than pretend, which is part of what makes this band so damned good.

photo image: Michael Milburn

Lo Siento

From Newfoundland; pure garage-pop with punk spirit, highly-pitched vocals and biting Spanish lyrics; the sweetest poison pill.

photo credit: Noah Bender

Greville Tapes Music Club

Four musical blind dates for eight artists on the shores of the Bay of Fundy produced 17 amazing collaborations on 4 cassettes. New series, the Tin Can Beach Edition, coming in 2020.